About Klumpp Coatings


About Klumpp Coatings


In industrial coating of surfaces, the topcoat must be regarded as being of particular importance because it fulfils several important functions at the same time, and as a finish is mainly responsible for how the surface look is assessed.

Anti-scratch topcoats were developed by Klumpp Coatings. In 1995 we were verifiably the first coating manufacturer to apply this innovation to parquet applications. Anti Scratch topcoats have since become the state of the art. They are based on the very latest nano-particle technology which offers optimal levels of scratch resistance. Klumpp Coatings Anti Scratch topcoats are even resistant to scratching with steel wool.

The topcoat not only offers anti-scratch protection, but also gives the surface the desired glossiness and homogenous look.  Klumpp Coatings topcoats are known as being very pleasant to the touch. As we were developing our finish systems, our aim was to achieve a high degree of similarity to the natural material of wood.
Klumpp Aluminium Oxide
Klumpp is a recognized world leader in Aluminium Oxide and ceramic coatings. Greener and stronger than polyurethanes this is the trend in modern wooden flooring coatings and cannot be applied on site.

These prefinished boards are put through a high-tech finishing process where the boards are sealed and coated. A 45 grm UV ceramic sealer is then applied, prior to two UV top coats. This process produces a low sheen or high. This hard-wearing surface is highly scratch resistant and requires minimal maintenance.

Klumpp UV coatings are environmentally friendly and non hazardous
REACH approved Raw materials (Registration Evaluation and restriction of chemical substances)
NO VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds)
NO formaldehyde
NO heavy metals
NO insecticides pesticides and herbicides
No Plasticizers (Phthalates EN 72-3)




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